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Ran into this site a while ago - youtube meets monster? Sort of, but there is a lot more value for people who want to find out what companies are REALLY like before joining.

I agree with their About statment - the job (search) market is broken and really inefficient. I liked what I saw - although I think some of the videos looked too amature to me and they might hurt chances of the recruiting company. Does that make sense?

So I know there are other video mashup b-models in the works - youtube+myhood.ca, youtube+autotrader?

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Pownce begging for some dough?

Pounce is asking me to Go Pro! on my account - what do I get? I can send 100MB files and not have to see any ads, all for $20 a year. Let's look at the proposition - I looked for some ads on the page to see how much cleaner it will be - there were none. I can use yousendit.com for free for large files - it involves a few more steps but is pretty easy. $20 a year - this is almost too LOW to think it brings me any value.

I had the same issue pricing my MP3 products - sure you have to price above your variable costs, but you also have to think about the message it sends. After my costs, I wanted to make sure people understood the quality of our tours in every aspect of the product (its sound, look, feel, AND price)

If I pay too little for something, I will think that it's, well, crap :)

I have to preface this note with the fact that I'm pretty big social outcast on Pownce and don't have the network to see the value of this.

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Red Canary - a site I found recently. It has a good collection of posts and profiles of startups, mostly in the software space.

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