Bubble? What bubble?

Very funny..and sadly true. :)

Via StockPhotoTalk

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Ad to content ratio: is 1 to 4 too much?

I was trying to watch a video about Facebook's ad platform from last month - I don't mind watching an ad when I watch free content, and do it all the time on nytimes, etc, but the way Forbes does it is fairly annoying.

First you watch your standard 15 second spot, totally expected..then you go to a preview of the Facebook video where the Forbes announcer just said what the piece is about and that they'll show it to me soon (not sure if that's necessary)! That takes another 15 seconds...then comes ANOTHER ad that was 30 seconds long. Then finally came the 4.5 minute interview.

That's 1 minute of ads (and the useless preview) they're hoping I'll watch to get to my content.

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