Polaroid no more...

I heard about Poloaroid shutting down their plants today - a few days late. I realized how sad that such a wonderful and pretty clunky technology is coming to an end and that I gotta get me some film!...and of course, that I still have my camera that my mother bought me in high school - I haven't kept on to any gadget for that long. Now that's longevity! (this is before I knew their instant film technology started in 1948!)

Not sure if anyone feels the same but I am feeling pretty nostalgic about the Polaroid! what other piece of technology can you think of that's been around pretty much unchanged for this long!? Like they say...they don't make'em like they used to anymore.

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Pandora is back on! it's off. ...aaaand it's back on!

The poor guys at Pandora have had every possible obstacle thrown at them. They had to shut out all their international users back in May and it was a sad day for all of us. There was ways to get around it but some of us less-technical people had to put our hands up and go back to hypemachine and pray that the day's collection wasn't full of indie-death-metal.

I have to say I feel like life is good again! Their international site, Global Pandora is on and accessible from here (Canada, that is!). It's been a roller-coaster ride for me though - the site has been on and off over the past few days.

It seems to be back up now so you may want to go there soon!

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Myspace w. ADD

Funny video on Wallstrip about facebook's various attempts at making money from their users, and with each step alienating those users.

Via techcrunch

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Play with colours with Idée

Idée, a very cool startup with great visual search technology launched their multicolour image search lab with flickr images - check it out!

You just pick any colour(s) and it finds you all the pictures from flickr that contain that colour.

Idée has some amazing technology and is really at the forefront of this space. (It'ss also where I work now :)

Check out their site to check out their other visual labs..

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Standout Jobs - Any movement?

Not sure what's going on at Standout Jobs..their site still says Coming In Fall, their latest job post is from mid November, and their blog (planet) tells me to check out past posts!

Hope it's the calm before the storm for them..

I like the concept but I think they're missing some things I would think job seekers are interested in. One thing I don't like about their site is that they're a job site, but the Jobs link doesn't stand out from the others..in fact I don't know if it's for job videos or for jobs AT Standout Jobs..

...and videos on the home page don't have dates etc, to show me if the openings are new or old (I can tell some are old by the summer clothes people are wearing)...

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