Standout Jobs - Any movement?

Not sure what's going on at Standout Jobs..their site still says Coming In Fall, their latest job post is from mid November, and their blog (planet) tells me to check out past posts!

Hope it's the calm before the storm for them..

I like the concept but I think they're missing some things I would think job seekers are interested in. One thing I don't like about their site is that they're a job site, but the Jobs link doesn't stand out from the others..in fact I don't know if it's for job videos or for jobs AT Standout Jobs..

...and videos on the home page don't have dates etc, to show me if the openings are new or old (I can tell some are old by the summer clothes people are wearing)...

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Twine - It's here! *

Interesting video about Twine on PodTech, which I've heard about for a while - long enough to sign up for the beta and have the site tell me I already signed up.

Great to get a look at it and see it in action, although it looks a lot of work to populate it to the point that it's useful. I hope it's nice and pre-opulated (or I'm just not tech savvy enough to understand if that beats the whole purpose or note).

It took enough time and uploading to fill up something like a facebook or wikipedia with content. Imagine doing that all over again but for a combo of all those content sites...

* it's not here yet.

PS - I just saw cloned, living glow-in-the-dark cats on tv..

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Asterpix - add navigation to your videos

Funny I thought about this when I was watching the epic-fu videos with all of their interesting links on the screen. I wanted to click on the links and be taken to those sites. Enter Asterpix! You can link to sites, or other places within the video.

This Astrix video shows how you can build really cool navigation in a video. You can embed links within videos and let people skip all over the place (you could actually get lost within a video!) Now I think the design of it still has some room to improve (choosing the look of your 'beacons', making skipping around a video more visual so you don't get lost)

Via Scoble Show

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LinkedIn Video

Video of LinkedIn interview where the CEO talks about how well they're doing, how they're not looking to be acquired, how they're opening up the site for 3rd party developers, how there'll be new features in the coming weeks...yaaaaawn...

Sorry, but the video actually says nothing new - it's actually sort of a boring video press release. Check it out as an example of an uninspiring video...

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epic-fu (if you're above 30 proceed with caution)

Eipc-fu is a great trend vlog with a strong following for the kids out there :)

Interesting how my collection of vlogs has grown in the last few months as my list of blogs, hasn't.

I also like that they list all the links beside he screen.

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