Unlimited Magazine - Calgary

Saw this new addition on the shelves today. Their timing is a bit unfortunate but I was very intrigued!

The cover says it's "Canada's Hottest New Business Magazine", which I found a bit un-true since it was all about Alberta. This is either a strategic decision, or they don't have writers elsewhere in the country..or they think all new business worth talking about is happening in Albeta. All points for discussion I guess, which I won't get to here.

Some interesting content in the magazine, and I like that it's about new business in any field, not just web 2.0 startups, which is what most people think of new business these days. I do think they really need to cover the whole country if they want to keep it relevant - there is only so much I want to hear about what people are doing in Calgary ;)

I think magazines and blogs will co-exist and each have their own place in terms of content, but I'm sure they're also wondering if biz 2.0 is a sign of things to come.

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early reminder - (likemind) to

PFSK-started coffee-event is happening next week.

It's described as "an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun"

I went to the first one and it was a nice get-together and I made some great contacts. Looking forward to this one next week.

Date: Oct 18
Time: 8am
Place: Over Easy, 208 Bloor Street West (at Avenue Rd), Toronto

(I think I'll talk to the organizers about changing up the location next time)

Sort of sad that this is the only city in Canada to take part. Montreal, Vancouver - anyone want to organize?

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