Standout Jobs - Any movement?

Not sure what's going on at Standout Jobs..their site still says Coming In Fall, their latest job post is from mid November, and their blog (planet) tells me to check out past posts!

Hope it's the calm before the storm for them..

I like the concept but I think they're missing some things I would think job seekers are interested in. One thing I don't like about their site is that they're a job site, but the Jobs link doesn't stand out from the others..in fact I don't know if it's for job videos or for jobs AT Standout Jobs..

...and videos on the home page don't have dates etc, to show me if the openings are new or old (I can tell some are old by the summer clothes people are wearing)...

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Alain Wong said...

Hi Ali,

Thanks for the interest in Standout Jobs. I joined the team in early December, and I can definitely tell you that this is the calm before the storm.

As previously stated, the website we have now is a preview site, and not the real deal (we are still in semi-stealth mode).

Launch is imminent. Check back in the new year.

In the meantime, happy holidays!

Ben Yoskovitz said...

Hi Ali - you may have seen the announcement, but Standout Jobs is launching at DEMO at the end of January. So we're only a couple weeks away. I hope you'll check out what we're doing then.


xutopia said...

The storm is approaching. Late on Monday you can expect standoutjobs.com to be updated.

Wednesday we're presenting at DEMO2008.