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I stopped my climb in the corporate world a few months back. It wasn’t that I hated working for large companies. I just wanted the work I was doing and who I was working with to inspire me. I had been promoted to Account Director at BBDO - a pretty good position to be in with room to grow. I was uninspired, disillusioned, and never looked forward to waking up in the morning or looking at my blackberry.

So I stopped..

City surf is my first project - I call it a project because I always saw myself working on a few different businesses - City Surf creates MP3 audio tours for city neighborhoods. It’s very early stage, but it’s been interesting to see how it has evolved and where the money is.

On the side, I’m looking for new projects.

My ultimate goal is to find the lifestyle I am looking for, and to make a good living, not through the traditional way of climbing the ladder.

I’ll let you know how it’s going :)

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