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facebook + LinkedIn = Probook - do we really need this?

probook.ca - I saw their group on facebook recently - it looks like it was started by Queens grad students. I normally try to focus on the positive side of new ventures but I honestly don't see this going far.

I'm trying to imagine their strategy for this site. I assume they feel that LinkedIn is not fun enough or social enough. I agree with them there...


LinkedIn is well established in Canada so they're not serving an un-met market. If they're trying to go after new-grads I'm not sure what the use would be for a bunch of recent grads to have their own community when they want to be on LinkedIn trying to connect with people who can GIVE them job leads.

Site design is ok but pretty basic. They don't really have any features that facebook does not have, and I think people use FB and LinkedIn for different purposes. I've seen more and more people taking their work info off their FB page, which tells me they don't want to mix work and play.

PS - If my info is wrong I am not really at fault - I tried to get in touch with them to do a question/answer post last week, but no response yet.

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