Unlimited Magazine - Calgary

Saw this new addition on the shelves today. Their timing is a bit unfortunate but I was very intrigued!

The cover says it's "Canada's Hottest New Business Magazine", which I found a bit un-true since it was all about Alberta. This is either a strategic decision, or they don't have writers elsewhere in the country..or they think all new business worth talking about is happening in Albeta. All points for discussion I guess, which I won't get to here.

Some interesting content in the magazine, and I like that it's about new business in any field, not just web 2.0 startups, which is what most people think of new business these days. I do think they really need to cover the whole country if they want to keep it relevant - there is only so much I want to hear about what people are doing in Calgary ;)

I think magazines and blogs will co-exist and each have their own place in terms of content, but I'm sure they're also wondering if biz 2.0 is a sign of things to come.

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