Biz Idea - texting house price

I saw a post about housefront recently on springwise and thought it could be a great tool in the hot Toronto property market.

I think it could be a great service to offer. There have been many times when I have seen a house, liked it, had to 1. call a number, 2. leave a message for the agent, and 3. he/she would call back with the price of the house.

I think that's too many steps. This service would be very simple: You see a house, you text the address or a number on the plaque, and you get its price sent to you.

Technology has been adopted fairly quickly in housing. viewit.ca brought video to this space and myhood.ca has the mashup + user reviews - but both are online tools, to be used at home. I think a text service could complement these for people who just want to get the price quickly and easily.

Anyone think this could fly?

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1 comment:

Haus Immobilier said...

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